11 February 2010 @ 06:56 pm
I AM ALMOST DONE MAKING MY KAITO EARPHONE THING. for those just tuning in, I have to do a simple wiring project for class: a light source of some sort, a switch, and a power thing (battery, plug, whatever). I figured that since I have cosplay plans for the summer already, why not making something I can use? So I decided to make KAITO's earphone-mic-thing and make the earphone part of it be able to light up. It's not bad! I'm rather pleased with it, though the wiring makes it more difficult to work with than I'd like, and I had some...misadventures with glue. I may buy more of the materials I'm running out of and just make a new one, but without the funky lights XDDD;; we'll see how it looks when I attach my last few decorative pieces (both for decoration and for hiding unsightly edges) tomorrow hopefully with superglue if I can get my hands on that. Will post pictures regardless whether or not I'm keeping them |Db

I STILL LOVE BACCANO oh my god the latest translations of the novel are wonderful. There's Luck being a boss and his Family respecting and fearing him, and Luck dealing with Maria, and Maria and Tick, and Firo dealing with Miria and Isaak, and Miria and Isaak speaking Japanese. AS IN, FIRO AND THE REST ARE LIKE !? CAUSE THEY'RE TECHNICALLY...SPEAKING...ENGLISH oh my god I love this canon so much.

The 悪ノ娘~凄艶のジェミニ~ soundtrack is amazing and I've listened to it so many times and ajkdhsfjk god gorgeous especially Regret Message. Also, [livejournal.com profile] nekokoban, LIKE YOU SAID, 白ノ娘 has completely grown on me aaah~ mothyP why so awesome *A*
and this is a gorgeous cover of Just Be Friends. be still, my beating heart >w<~~!!!
06 November 2008 @ 01:58 pm
drop emo  
people are probably tired of hearing me say this but, bear with me one last time. or just skip on over this post o/

very tl;dr )
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