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2011-12-22 09:42 pm

makeup collection


photos below! )
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2011-01-14 11:37 pm


in the way that my LJ never bothered to be :X

This journal is not a daily life journal or a spam journal.
Please don't ask to be added if you're not already on my flist at LJ (add me there I love new friends). This journal is basically the equivalent of a whine-cry-bitch-moan filter except via DW.

BASICALLY, an opt-in filter-journal-thing. By friending this journal, you are basically acknowledging that despite how this may make me look, you'll still be willing to be my friend hopefully still love me, ugliness and all.

comments are screened, if you leave a request to be friended, please tell me who you are.
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2010-10-25 05:01 pm

(no subject)

So I just imported my whole LJ from...well. LJ! to DW.
which really means nothing other than "it's nice to have somewhere else" and only occurred to me that maybe I should have made another journal to do that in instead of having done it here.


IDK if it'll show up in reading lists (I HOPE NOT) and er. yeah. sorry if it does.
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2010-10-21 03:18 pm

(no subject)

for some reason, my index and middle (and a part of my ring) fingers on my right hand have been in pain all day, as well as a few patches up to around my elbowish. it's... It actually feels as though I've burnt them, but I...didn't! or like they're really really cold. that kind of burny achey pain. but they're...not. @@
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2010-10-11 03:15 am


this is late, because it's already Monday there, but right now, in CA, for me it is 10月10日2010年 or 10-10-10 and that still counts. is the 10-10-10 more important or does the fact that it's still 民國99年 take precedent...? cause this year's celebrations were pretty damn impressive, from what I understand an next year is 民國100年...|Da Anyway, it's Double Ten Day

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2010-09-22 06:23 am
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(no subject)

I haven't drawn an 'original character' in ages other than for schoolwork. describe someone to me (physical traits or personality or both!) and I'll doodle him/her/it sometime |Da only I can't promise a timeframe because I am doing most of my sketching for thesis lately. I just want options ;u;a
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2010-09-17 03:49 am

(no subject)

...I guess I did this on Twitter and plurk already but since AJ put it on LJ, I thought it was a good idea too.

What were your first impression(s) of me?
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2010-09-16 02:25 pm

(no subject)

me: if my physics professor
keeps dropping the "e" at the ned of my name
do I bother correcting him
or not
it's not like I usually go by my full name anyway
but it's just kind of like

WhiteCat: :|a
Maybe he likes mathematical abstracts better than delicious pastry

me: ...

WhiteCat: OH
... WELL

BEST EVER. I laughed so hard XD so much love for [ profile] nekokoban <3!!
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2010-09-12 12:27 pm
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BLOOPERS REEL...!? that was fast. IN RESPONSE TO THIS POLL I put together this post.

okay so I called it "behind the scenes" what I really meant was something more like "OUTTAKES" cause. yeah. maybe this winter/sakuracon/next summer I'll take some actual "behind the scenes" photos...

if something is marked by (photographer) it means...I was the photographer! not the cosplayer!

...image heavy. moreso than my usual posts. )
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2010-09-12 09:01 am
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no ticky boxes for fake voting polls 8'(



I've been posting photos of my cosplay forever, but would anyone be interested if I put up a post of "behind the scenes" photos?

(I'd create a real poll but I can't do that on my personal journal 8|a)

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2010-09-11 04:06 pm
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8月22日 SEKIREI photoshoot

so after a very long time (almost a month!) of whining about how I didn't want to go through and edit these photos...I finally did it! Mostly because the day of the shoot, I grabbed a really crappy wig cap so my hair slipped a lot and it showed in a lot of photos that I either had to edit it out or just skip entirely. also both my Tsukiumi and I were pretty...dead. that day. |Da still, we finally did a proper shoot other than our test shoot from last year or con photos (which we were both rather blah about)...

Homura @ [ profile] piecrumbs
Tsukiumi @ 包子

IMAGE HEAVY, AS USUAL + a short and silly video )
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2010-09-10 02:37 pm
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;u;a so much manga/doujin/artbooks...

BACK IN FEBRUARY 2007, I posted a photo + list of the manga I had. Near the end of this past summer, I reorganized my manga shelves...
do people wanna try identifying what I own? A lot of it is Chinese buuut... |Da

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2010-09-10 02:50 am

srs questions of a real srs nature...

[ profile] nekokoban and I have great conversations.

IF I WAS A HOST, WHAT SORT OF HOST WOULD I BE? ...If you were a host, what would you be like?
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2010-08-26 12:12 am
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8月24日 津軽サイケphotoshoot

the photoshoot in which we forgot everything. please excuse our various missing pieces, sob.
...also the photoshoot in which we went to many very public places in very out-of-season clothing. :Da
and MY GOD it is hard to shoot these two outside in the afternoon. not only is it hot as hell, they're wearing so much white that we kept being overexposed OTL!!

津軽 @ [ profile] lyricnote
サイケ @ [ profile] piecrumbs

in which they visit each other's homes...!? IMAGE HEAVY )
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2010-08-25 08:09 pm

(no subject)

been reading a lot of Naruto and TeniPuri fanfic lately. I want to try playing Fuji sometime, in a low-pressure quiet RP .__.a and I miss playing Neji...aha. though for both of them, I'd like to do something...not necessarily quite AU, but hm. older than canon. (again.) Or something off relationships I had developed from RP waaaaay back when I first played him. Neji, I mean.

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2010-08-20 12:31 am
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(no subject)

for the first time, I got hit on while I was out today.
see, the thing about me is...I don't usually get hit on. I rarely wear makeup and I usually wear a t-shirt and jeans; not particularly eye-catching! Also, what tends to happen is either I get catcalls from a distance (oh NYC) or I get a confession from a male friend (that I don't think of in a romantic way). So. This was...special.

THANK GOD MY FRIEND WAS THERE god. The dude was super OTL-inducing. grosssss gross gross D'8
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2010-08-15 01:16 am
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angry, bloody, wet.

so this morning it was BRIGHT and HOT and we took photos for less than an hour when everyone went "blaaaugh" and scrambled back inside for air con since neither of the cosplayers could really get into character and I was :/ing as photographer. ...two hours later, it's pouring rain and we're like 8D 8D 8D. h-hopefully none of us will end up sick.

Izaya @ [ profile] lyricnote
Shizuo @ [ profile] usagi_green_tea

incredibly image heavy, as usual )
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2010-08-11 12:33 am
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Comic World Taiwan 25 (2010年8月7/8日)

for the first time, I actually cosplayed all four of the Taiwan con days I have in a year, due to only being able to make the summer FF and CWT cons. Unfortunately, it meant I didn't get much chance to shop. I was goinggg to shop the second day of CWT but...blood is sticky 8(a sob I am sad you can see where I accidentally...chopped off a bit too much off KAITO's bangs. aha...haha...ha...
In any case! this post is my photopost for the latter con, both days ♥.

four days, four characters.
four incredibly different looks
four incredibly different feels
also four different days of weather/lighting

Ashura )

KAITO (warning for blood) )
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2010-07-26 01:10 am
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Fancy Frontier 16 (2010年7月24日)

The results of Tsugaru and my two weeks of doing nothing but going AAAAH WE NEED TO FINISH THIS!! I-I was still fixing my wig the morning of con. But! we were recognized and people liked my mp3 and we had a lot of fun.

For those of you unaware! Saike is short for "Psychedelic Izaya" based off of Izaya's image on the Durarara!! background music CD. J-fandom (pixiv, mostly) created a whole new personality for him. Tsugaru is based on Shizuo's character single, and Jfen did the same thing. Saike is a moeblob, Tsugaru is pretty zen.

サイケ [ profile] piecrumbs
津軽 [ profile] lyricnote
臨也 [ profile] usagi_green_tea
静雄 [ profile] crumpetsncream

Read more... )

full album (including more photos of the others) here and here!