13 October 2009 @ 03:03 pm
PIE DOES NOT ACTUALLY MAKE A MANLY MAN raise your hand if you're surprised orz  
so one of the seniors is a doing her senior project as a multi-media production about Marlene Dietrich, gender, sexuality, androgyny! And for her show, she needs about eight to ten androgynous cabaret-waiter-people-things. Auditions are tonight and tomorrow; my friend, who is doing costumes, insisted I should go try out. The audition was basically having us cater to a table of imaginary people for a minute or so, then be very feminine, then masculine. Aaand then cause there was a break between me and the person after me, my friend and I dicked around and took photos /o/


la la la... should I even be tagging this 'cosplay'? er. )
21 September 2009 @ 02:13 pm
AWA 2009  

orz I got made fun of all weekend T^T;; I love you all. It was super awesome meeting everyone at AWA since I never expected I'd ever be able to /o/ Atlanta was grey and wet and I had just as much (if not more!?) fun chilling at the hotel with everyone than browsing the con.

Cosplay for the weekend was, uhhh... Kagari (Sekirei) on FRIDAY, and Kanda (D.Gray) on SATURDAY.
I got compliments for Kagari, and then people went "what are you cosplaying from? because it looks familiar, but..." since his outfit looks like Ichigo's bankai one :X aaand as Kanda, I got four hugs @@ Ikki got roped into being my photographer for Kagari (ffft I loved those contacts so much), and Kaza did the same for me for Kanda (sob I was missing his braceletttt). And after the D.Gray photoshoot, Kaza and I did a mini-shoot in the hotel room that I got some super gorgeous photos from. THANK YOU BOTH ♥!!

photosss of me. mostly Kanda /o/ )
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02 September 2009 @ 05:48 am
my wig and makeup needs work :/
...my Tsukiumi needs to pad her boobs though 8'D

Sekireiiiiiiii 06 and 09 )
18 August 2009 @ 11:37 pm
CWT 2009, Skull (aka fail arcobaleno)  
Skull! in non-canon mafia-y wear |D;; I kind of hate how photobucket eats colors orz I may need to edit and re-up all of these. well. it's SOMEWHAT better now.
ALTHOUGH IT'S NOT CANON, it still came out better than the last time I did Skull at AB I think.
...incidentally. [livejournal.com profile] lilorchid1023, this is the same wig as your Setsuna one...in the same color as [livejournal.com profile] moebot's Tieria one. |D

image heavy obvs )
29 July 2009 @ 09:18 pm
<-- cosplay nerd  
was photographer to a great Hetalia photoshoot today. I am really amusing myself with how much I like the Hetalia fandom, considering how I'm not very fond of the canon. ...At least Taiwan's APH fandom. I don't know much about anywhere else's other than CFUD >>; on the other hand, it means I have 400+ photos to sort through and I'm tired. Forty degree weather (that's 104*F for you non-Celsius people) on a humiiid muggy island is NOT FUN to do an APH shoot in. ...And I was just wearing a T-shirt and jeans! The poor cosers with their military outfits. ...I think America had it worst. She had the military outfit and then the leather jacket on top of it. I spent a lot of time going "WHAT SORT OF IDIOTS WANT TO DO AN APH SHOOT IN THE MIDDLE OF SUMMER" at them.

Here, have a photo of the group:
cut for your browsing convenience )

I'll make my way through the rest of the photos and post a link here to them once I'm done if anyone wants to see. I AM RATHER PLEASED WITH SOME OF THEM. Especially the Cold War ones 8Db ...And France's. France's photos were hilariously great.

in other news,
I AM SO SICK OF EARTHQUAKES. My god, there've beennn, what. four? five? in the past month or so. With the exception of one, they've all been pretty small, but still. It's gotten to sometimes I'm not sure if the bed is moving because I moved or if it's another earthquake, which shocks me awake when I'm in a half-dozed state relatively often. gaaaaah. There was one about half an hour ago, and my mom's kind of unsettled cause this year would be the tenth since the 921 earthquake @@
27 July 2009 @ 12:39 am
olio FancyFrontier 16 was...an adventure XD

I did Seth from Trinity Blood again. Got some stunning photos when a group of pro-ish photographers snagged me :Db which was awesome because as we were wrapping up, it started pouring. Normally, cosplayers hang around the con area until 6ish or 7, but because of how heavy the rain was, everyone was leaving by 4ish, 5. The kouhai-tachi that were with me and I went to chill in the underground parking lot where I got some photos of them. ...One of my kouhai was cosplaying Russia, and we saw a Latvia and Lithuania that were leaving. She went over and was all LOOOOOOOM at them and I think we actually scared them. Except they came back a couple minutes later to take photos with us, and we exchanged contact information and now my kouhai has a Latvia and Lithuania next time XD poor Yun got dragged around all over the con with me though.

I was too tired and lazy to cosplay, so I was photographer. got some relatively nice shots, except for how my camera uses up SO MUCH battery so it died around 3ish. Russia-kouhai got ambushed by a Very Friendly France XD who had a Germany with her and I think they exchanged contact info and stuff too and are doing a photoshoot on Wednesday. APH was ALL OVER the con holy crap. half the cosplayers and about two-thirds or three-quarters of the stuff there @@ ...I am not even much of an APH fan but all I bought today was a gorgeous England and Hong Kong doujin about when Hong Kong was English territory. So damn pretty ajkshd and then I put in a pre-order for a China-centric book that has stunning art. I AM REALLY NOT AN APH FAN akjdfhkjh aaaah so pretty though ;o;
got some photos because my friend wanted to do a night shoot of normal!clothes. so we had some awesome photographers with us and. yes. got some cute photos XD
may or may not post some of the photos I took today after I go through them~

of me from both days oliolio )
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18 June 2009 @ 04:35 am
* pie is now known as [spatula]  
ANIME BOSTON PHOTOS PART TWO (part one goes here)

on SUNDAY, [livejournal.com profile] rachia and I were Ken and Chikusa from Reborn! ...So for the FIRST TIME EVER, I cosplayed someone I play \o/ we did our own version of them because we are JUST THAT COOL. I got more photo requests as Chikusa than I did as Ennis or Skull |Db

We missed the photoshoots cause we had to work, but Ry got one of her friends to take some photos of us so we kind of got a mini photoshoot |Db

photossss )
13 June 2009 @ 02:35 pm
anime boston cosplayyyyy  
got photos from [livejournal.com profile] rachia from AB o/
there were very very few, unfortunately, as we were working most of the time andddd none of the photos of us have shown up in the reborn comm so :X
my current hair is at a length that's this annoying too-long-too-short and it keeps slipping from under my wig cap RRRGH. I'd link official images, but then you'd see how much fail I was. sob I never want to try doing cosplay makeup without any references at all again T___T;;

SATURDAY - half-assed SKULL (Reborn!)

image heavy - Ennis & Skull )

...incidentally. I got hit on while dressed as Ennis. and then he came back when I was Skull and it took him a moment to recognize me. It was amusing |Db even our manager-dude didn't recognize me after I came back from doing my Skull makeup during lunch despite my having been wearing the wig and outfit all morning hurrr
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20 May 2009 @ 02:57 am
dangerous adventures in cosplay 8D;  
me: i almost blew up the microwave
Neo: ...
with what
me: ...so
the plaster gauze?
said it wwas microwavable!
so I therw it in there
....I forgot that it was over paper mache
isn't microwavable
..my mom smelled something burning
and when I took a look
the hwole thing was SMOKE
and uh
Neo: ,,,
me: ...the inside of my project was smoldering
just without the roaring fire
Neo: ...... hon.
me: ....I scraped out the burned and burning bits of paper :D?
Neo: ...
i am very proud of you.
me: 8D;
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26 March 2009 @ 04:10 am
serious thoughts of a serious nature:

no, I lied. it isn't serious at all.

but I have been entertaining thoughts of a Sailor Senshi cosplay nature. keeping in mind that the vast majority of people who attempt it cannot pull it off, I need to be disabled ;o; waaaah saturn

…t-that said, I actually do want to try doing Tomoe Hotaru. so if anyone can point me in the direction of black mock turtlenecks and shortish soft black skirts, that'd be awesome |D;;; since ebay is failing me.
18 January 2009 @ 12:14 am
Seth Nightlord photoshoot  
started at the National Taiwan University until around fiveish, and then moved to the…sky bridge…thing at Ximen for a night shoot. I don't know how the nighttime photos came out, but my photographer sent me a few photos from the NTU part. edit got a photo from Ximen, is under cut with the others o/

Seth is…not exactly entirely suited to me I admit it TxTb
DID HAVE FUN THOUGH. I got to do whatever I wanted and it was all IC XD but man, it's ridiculously difficult to come up with poses for a character like Seth without someone to work off of and props to work with. I ended up taking off the glove-bit-things because there's so much stress on the area around the thumb and I'm worried it'll rip entirely. Need to fix before wearing again.

unedited and unphotoshopped so…bear with me h-haha

PHOTOS /o/ kind of big though )
17 December 2008 @ 10:34 am
this is actually mostly a cosplay post  
my current christmas wishlist consists of:
1, 2, 3

I do not expect anyone to get any of that for me. in fact, I highly discourage it.
but if you can guess what character I want to cosplay using those three links, I will be impressed. [livejournal.com profile] actualize isn't allowed to guess.
why do I cosplay so little from my own canons?

IN OTHER NEWS chinese exam. ...went. ha. haha. ha.
I hope she curves this time as much as she did on the midterm or I am dead.
Juuust the teaching journal, makeup morgue, and uh. half-assed paper for occult left /o/
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31 October 2008 @ 03:23 am
Maaaaleficeeeeent ❤  
moar makeup

this time, it was for my Theatre Make-up class. since it's the class closest to Halloween, our assignment was to do something "not realistic".
Geek that I am, I chose to do Maleficent! ...Needless to say, I look kinda really funny |Db

photos (2) )
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24 October 2008 @ 09:19 am
WHEN MOST PEOPLE PROCRASTINATE they do memes like drabble memes or question memes or other such productive things. ..or watch something. or read something.

...when I procrastinate, I usually do too!
except today, on a whim, I pulled out my (tons of cosplay) makeup and proceeded to experiment.
nothing specific, just messing around |D;;
cosplay tag cause I don't know what else I'd put it under

have some photos. The lighting is really kind of strange since there are three light sources: my desk lamp in front-to-the-right, my roommate's desk lamp to my left, and my room's light behind me. and all three lights are different colours so………

my left, my right, and from the middle )
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01 October 2008 @ 08:12 am
itp: First Brigade does caramelldansen  
♥ to Tatsie for animating this

cosplay dorkiness hooooooo )
25 August 2008 @ 12:22 pm
AE was cool, meeting up with people was cooler 8D
ended up doing Seth and Bonten on the first two days (that had awesome weather) and being too tired to cosplay the last. but it's okay cause it was wet anyway o/
didn't buy all that much, spent most of my time chilling with the CFUDers there and wandering around :Db our hotel room had the cool people =v=~ even if the other people were cool too, yes yes. so now with everyone else gone, I am just chilling in the hotel room, all ronery. should pack up a bit before I sleep.

ps. I suck at lasertag. a LOT. h-hahaha |D;;

Seth photos! all three of them I have )
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13 August 2008 @ 03:20 am
Tokkei: First Brigade  
i am exhausted and burned out and WAY TOO LAZY to do a full con writeup atm. have photos instead 8D only a few though cause I ended up looking like I was trying to cut off my own head in a lot of the photos I found


Mikoshiba Shouta: Lina
Shikibu Seiju: 包子
Todou Usagi Usaki: pie
Bonten: Lina

CWT days 1 & 2 (image heavy) )

photoshoot photos forthcoming
...my feet hurt when I'm not moving. three spots in particular. whoops.

10 August 2008 @ 07:24 pm
two days of con, I have never been so hot before oh god. Vancouver should be cooler. I hope.
long sleeved shirt + long coat + whatever I had under my shirt (binding/tight tank) + heat + humidity = orzzzzzz
more on that later. and photos. lots of requests though cause yay the full First Brigade (or two thirds + second brigade captain on the second day) is pretty damn impressive. sob I'll be all alone at AE sob

...in other news but not really, Lina did Bonten today, wearing my outfit. I redid the bun on the wig and we pinned it a lot to make sure the wig didn't slide. There were over 20 bobby pins (possibly 30) on her head. That's going to be me at AE I suspect T__Tb

am tired. had a ton of fun though <3
will still be spotty online for another three days or so
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28 July 2008 @ 12:45 am
FF day2/ Bonten cosphotos  
got there late, left early. got a lot fewer photos than I expected to; bao tells me it's cause our standards have gone up so high that we're simply not...impressed by a lot of cosers anymore. Besides, the typhoon is kicking up outside right now, earlier it was just a lot of sudden showers, but each sudden shower brought a LOT of rain. Also heavy winds hau hau. Except for the rain, the weather was pretty awesome for any cosplayer with a cape cause it went FWOOOSH. Of course, that also meant long wigs were a pain to control.

Anyway, found photos of my Bonten from yesterday. Am still waiting on my friends since they were my "official" photographer (read: I bullied them into following me around and taking photos of me). Also found the photo with one of the other Bontens. Haven't found any with the Amatsuki group, or of us three Bontens though :( ...looking at that photo just reminds me of how bloody HOT the ground was yesterday.
please ignore how I have the dots on the wrong eye orzzzz

image heavy )
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26 July 2008 @ 06:41 pm
Fancy Frontier (day 1)  
lalala~ day one is over and thank god, I am exhausted.
More and more I'm convinced that being a cosplayer is more tiring than being a cosphotographer.

sooo! I'm pretty happy with how my Bonten cosplay turned out, at least from what I could see of it. I just hope the photos came out well. My photographers'll probably be sending me their photos soon, and poking around Skyblog should turn up some more. I'm a biiit miffed that the wig didn't come out quite the way I had hoped it would (looks sorta messy) and I might try to fix it up or get a new one (sob probably not. money T__T) before CWT, if I'm cosplaying him again then, or at least AE. And I screwed up OTL. The dots Bonten has above and below his eye, I accidentally drew on the wrong eye and didn't notice until I bought the artbook and went "...fuck." HOPEFULLY IT WAS OKAY THOUGH ;;

Got a lot of photo requests which made me really happy, especially since Amatsuki isn't being published or aired here. Yet, people actually knew who I was! Of course, some of the photorequests were might just have been cause the kimono-I-was-wearing-as-a-yukata is very eye-catching. It's green and gold and under the sun I was v shiny. What was really surprising, actually, was that despite how seemingly-few people knew the canon, I managed to encounter other Amatsuki cosplayers. At first I thought it was just me and another Bonten, but later in the day, I happened to see a group... Three people: Toki, Bonten, and Ginshu. Holy crap that Ginshu was amazing ;o; I have been bugging and bugging and bugging one of my friends to cosplay Ginshu with me aaaand I'm hoping that seeing the other Ginshu is more of an incentive for her to get the outfit made T__Tb. I got photos with the group, and then the first Bonten I saw ran over too so we three Bontens got photos together |D

Am considering cosplaying him again in August for CWT, since I'd have a Toki then. And possibly a Kon. And pooooossibly a Ginshu, if I bother my friend enough. we'll see how the photos from this time turn out /o/
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