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for some reason, my index and middle (and a part of my ring) fingers on my right hand have been in pain all day, as well as a few patches up to around my elbowish. it's... It actually feels as though I've burnt them, but I...didn't! or like they're really really cold. that kind of burny achey pain. but they're...not. @@
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Sounds like maybe a pinched nerve? Have you tried taking a muscle relaxant or getting a backrub?

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no :O a backrub for fingers, really? maybe I'll see about that @@
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Def! Some of the muscles just about two inches down from the 'tops' of the shoulders, on the back, cross over nerves that lead down the arms.

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huuuuh :OOO

I'll bother someone into it tomorrow or the day after =v=b

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Sounds quite like carpal tunnel, dear, or something like it. You've just described the areas to which the median nerve serves sensory function.

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but there's nothing wrong with my wrist? which is usually where it starts to hurt when I've used my laptop too much...