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I haven't drawn an 'original character' in ages other than for schoolwork. describe someone to me (physical traits or personality or both!) and I'll doodle him/her/it sometime |Da only I can't promise a timeframe because I am doing most of my sketching for thesis lately. I just want options ;u;a

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- Always grinning/smirking
- Fastidious with his hair, even though it's short
- Active (parkours, jumps around, tons of hand movements when relating a story)
- Pretty loud (but not as loud as I am :|b)
- Jeeeerk


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Easily mistaken for a girl; and takes full advantage of it.
Capable of being super cruel, but ultimately too lazy to carry anything out.

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brown short hair, wolf ears and tail, smiles gently, a listener, hums, sews, is sad but content.

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I... actually already have a image/personality for this character, but I'm just going to throw at you the inspiration I had for him/her and see if you come up with something interesting/drastically different form me? XD

-also known as quicksilver or hydrargyrum (silvery-white in appearance)
-incredibly dense
-the only metal that is liquid at standard temperature and pressure
-a poor conductor of heat, but a fair one for electricity
-most long lived radioisotope has a half-life of 444 years.
-a relatively noble metal, and does not react with most acids. But forms compounds with metals such as gold, silver, and zinc. (Thus commonly used in gold and silver mining)
-was thought to prolong life, heal fractures, and maintain generally good health in history, but ended up actually killing (liver failure, poisoning and brain death) or causing deformities

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An introverted British girl who grew up on a farm, thus is a complete fish out of the water when she moves to the city.

Red hair in two long braids
Really big bright hazel eyes
Thick and defined eyebrows (NOT like Arthur...that's too thick)
Wears a white shirt with a frilly front
A school uniform suit jacket that's too big for her
Pleated skirt to her knees
Uneven socks and big brown shoes.

Always has a sketch book and is only seen happy when drawing.

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- a bit serious, mostly stuck-up
- also a bit of a rebel in the I DO WHAT I WANT SO THERE way
- nobility
- extremely girl in appearance (soft curly short hair, delicate face, small features), haaaates this
- hair covering one eye
- forced confidence, smile is less than sincere
- late teens
- ambitious

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Lestat's December

long straight, white blonde hair -- down to her thighs
slender, athletic, tall, willowy
oval faced, high cheekbones, up-slant icy-grey eyes

mechanic coveralls -- pockets everywhere, half unzipped, sleeves rolled up to elbows, tanktop
hip holster and gun, heavy military boots, fingerless gloves

weaponsmith, ship's gunner, highly competent at hand to hand combat

cool, hard exterior, neutral expressions
thin ice over dark waters, running from her past, deep inner sadness.

December's someone who has been hurt emotionally in the past and as a consequence refuses to let people get close easily. It's definitely something that she has grown into and not her natural state of being. She's not completely emotionless, but getting her to show that is difficult at best, so probably won't come up in a quick chara sketch.