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BLOOPERS REEL...!? that was fast. IN RESPONSE TO THIS POLL I put together this post.

okay so I called it "behind the scenes" what I really meant was something more like "OUTTAKES" cause. yeah. maybe this winter/sakuracon/next summer I'll take some actual "behind the scenes" photos...

if something is marked by (photographer) it means...I was the photographer! not the cosplayer!

IN rough CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER from sometime in January 2009 till August 2010...

Takuma (Vampire Knight) much stuff. why so much stuff.

fiddling with my (crappy) outfit. stupid outfit 8'(

Seth (Trinity Blood)

I spent a lot of time not paying attention to the photographer or photobombing :Da

"what, are there photos being taken? what's going on?"

it's okay. she forgave me.

Skull (Hitman Reborn)

"D-dad, there are still rollers in tha... Okay fine, whatever makes you happy."

Pre-con! look at that mess of a counter...

Belarus & Russia (Hetalia) (photographer)

"And nao i has mai pr0nz...kuhuhuhu >D"


"IDK man, I'd rather go shopping. Come pay for me~! /o/"

"We'll compromise by being men who stare at goats."

Saike (DRRR!!?)

half-done! also mirror image cause I took this with a webcam.

Izaya painting Saike's nails while Tsugaru pokes at (still kinda wet after two days!?) nail polish.



"S...A..." "Saike?" "Yeah, I figure it'll be easier than サイケ |Da"

Tsugaru you look like some really weird tourist...with really bad taste.

Bits and pieces.

Izaya & Shizuo (DRRR!!) (photographer)

"It's too hot to shoot. Gimme your pudding."

Audrey wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Constantly.

"?" _____________________________________ "...!!?"

"I'm...gonna sit here and RP while you two mess with my camera. DON'T LOOK AT ME."



World's happiest dead-by-brick person.


KAITO (Human Sacrifice Alice PV)

3am the night before, I finally finished my 薔薇の花~ as well as all the rose petals I strung together in spaced out pieces on fishing wire.
that ended up tangling really badly but whatever.

pre-con! before I got all bloodied up. this is the only photo I have before I threw blood all over myself XD

..abzuh? what's going on?

Kagari/Homura (Sekirei)

the two of us together... we do not concentrate very well |Da
...also we were kinda out of it that day. we were THIS CLOSE || to calling off the shoot |Da

planning out shots

"Ah crap, how far down is this supposed to be open anyway?"

her: "=____=;" me: "8DDD"


Tsukiumi is re-hydrating while we confer with the photographer.
This was actually the photo that made me wonder if people would want to see this sort of thing XD

"HI THERE \o/"

and sometimes, it's just that a photo looks awkward. MY FEET WTF \(o_O)/

post-shoot! right before we went to buy shoes cause neither of us brought
another pair to change into and h-hahaha those weren't particularly comfortable to shop in.
...and I bought a shirt cause Homura's outfit is kinda weird (though it looks okay in this photo!).


okay this is just to show you something |D;; THAT SHERYL is my Tsukiumi.
I'm in shoes that are less than a centimeter thick cause I had to pull a height difference from Lina and her's are abouut the same as her Tsukiumi heels.

PHOTOS WHERE EVERYONE CRACKS UP. also Prussia's cape is gorgeous and I wanted to show it off |Da

Prussia's sword as a WIP!


the main recurring people in here are:
包子! who is my main cosplay partner and photographer when we're not cosplaying together. She was the Maria for the VK shoot and Tsukiumi for the Sekirei shoot. She was also my photographer for Seth, Skull, Bonten, Saike... |Da

[ profile] lyricnote! Lyric/Tama is my kouhai that I vocageek at a lot. She was my Tsugaru and we are talking about her doing HSA!Meiko for a shoot this winter. She seems to be in love with my camera.

[ profile] usagi_green_tea! Jermany is kouhai's kouhai that I suddenly got to know very well this summer. I want to snag her to do some more twinsy stuff cause we have almost the same body measurements and makeup can do a lot for faces~. She also seems to be in love with my camera.

[ profile] crumpetsncream! Seed also popped up in here. The kouhai I've known the longest and I am v. proud of how far she's come since cosplaying during Animanga days XD!

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