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pie ([personal profile] saccharin) wrote2010-09-11 04:06 pm
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8月22日 SEKIREI photoshoot

so after a very long time (almost a month!) of whining about how I didn't want to go through and edit these photos...I finally did it! Mostly because the day of the shoot, I grabbed a really crappy wig cap so my hair slipped a lot and it showed in a lot of photos that I either had to edit it out or just skip entirely. also both my Tsukiumi and I were pretty...dead. that day. |Da still, we finally did a proper shoot other than our test shoot from last year or con photos (which we were both rather blah about)...

Homura @ [ profile] piecrumbs
Tsukiumi @ 包子

Sekirei 06, Homura & Sekirei 09, Tsukiumi

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full album here!

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