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8月22日 SEKIREI photoshoot

so after a very long time (almost a month!) of whining about how I didn't want to go through and edit these photos...I finally did it! Mostly because the day of the shoot, I grabbed a really crappy wig cap so my hair slipped a lot and it showed in a lot of photos that I either had to edit it out or just skip entirely. also both my Tsukiumi and I were pretty...dead. that day. |Da still, we finally did a proper shoot other than our test shoot from last year or con photos (which we were both rather blah about)...

Homura @ [ profile] piecrumbs
Tsukiumi @ 包子

Sekirei 06, Homura & Sekirei 09, Tsukiumi

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full album here!

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I already gushed to you about these but you look LOVELY.

Also the video clip o///o

was that a bra peeking out the top or?

(yes, that'd be thing I notice first. >.> )

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HAHAHA yes it's one of the...two? three? she was wearing. and her top wasn't stuck down to it enough |Da

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Wardrobe malfunctions have never been more adorable. ♥

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;u;a she was wearing so many we weren't ooooverly concerned about them showing. except when it comes to photoshopping them out SOB

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You look awesome!

And I'm still jealous of your shoes.

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my shoes are great until you spend five hours (give or take) in them. then you start hating.

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Yes, well. I probably couldn't even walk in them. But I'd look badass while not walking.

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these are just 13cm okay. ...or were they 15. I can't remember. MOST PEOPLE WEAR 18cm!! I just had to get shorter ones cause I had to match two people's heights and one of them was supposed to be taller than me...!

also they're much easier to walk in than you'd think. just...hard to get up again once you sit down XD

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I have issues with heels. As in...I fail at wearing them. Three inches is about as much as I can handle before my balance fails me. That's like...8cm, I guess.

So. :D;

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OMG awesome ♥ You both look fantastic!

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thank you~!

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heeheehee :3

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GOD WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE t-that video

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Fffft, hi there gorgeous. ♥