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;u;a so much manga/doujin/artbooks...

BACK IN FEBRUARY 2007, I posted a photo + list of the manga I had. Near the end of this past summer, I reorganized my manga shelves...
do people wanna try identifying what I own? A lot of it is Chinese buuut... |Da

Clicking on each photo will take you to a much bigger version.
some of the missing ones that are of later in a series, I haven't bought yet. if it's in the begining or middle (like Ze) I either have it with me in the States or I lent it to someone...)

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You can almost run a library there...|D

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some of my friends use me as one OTL
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I just wish I had that much shelf space |D

Why are some of them mosaic'd out...?

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yearbooks |Da middle and high school ones...

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I see... Petshop, Vampire Game, Dragon Knights, Loveless, Naruto, xxxHolic, Reborn?, Tsubasa?, TeniPuri, Nabari no Ou, Sailor Moon, X, DGM, Trinity Blood, Togainu no chi, How to Draw Manga...

[identity profile] 2010-09-10 06:45 am (UTC)(link) i just realised if i click on the pictures they get bigger. GJ RY, GJ.

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Reborn is the first novel |Da it's the only one I have. ...that, and a bunch of doujinshi + character book.
my DGM is an exception to my "missing books" thing I have written at the top. Those are the only books I have.

but yes |Db those are all up there in various places.

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... That has increased significantly since the last time I saw you. Granted, that was a few years back, but still. Wooooow, Pie-chan.

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y-yeah... one reason I'm behind on so many series I buy is cause I'm at Animate and I go "...but I'm out of space..." sobsob

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Pfft. ♥

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OAO!!! Oh my god...that is...worthy of praise...

I see BrotherXBrother!!!

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you also have half my Ze books XDDD

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It scares me to think how much manga I'd actually have if I organized it all pretty like you do instead of just shoving it in a box or corner.

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my manga shelves are one of the most organized parts of my room...aha.

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I would like to know what the blurred books are |D;;;;

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those are my middle/high school yearbooks XD

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What does it say about me when my first reaction was "huh that's not too much" |D Though I did start young. Recently rediscovered an entire series of ロボコン, which led me to seriously question my childhood tastes.

Also. Noticed that you have 超心理現象能力者 on your shelf. Sob I thought no-one else read that series sob sob sob why didn't she continue it. Also did you read her other series.

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...I also have a ton of stuff here. in various boxes. ...orz but I KNOW PEOPLE WITH WORSE I was just... between this and my post in 07 ;u;a

I DON'T KNOW but I wish she continued it I enjoyed it T^T!! I wanted to know wtf happened with 青 and his old partner aaaaah

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I... I should post a pic of the doujins I have now. I started less than two months ago. H-Haah.

I have this love-hate relationship with her since out of the three series that I like, only one is properly finished. She has such interesting premises and characters but she just. Never finishes them properly sob sob. I've been waiting for the showdown between his old and new partner since vol 1 and then I got to the end of vol 3 and-- it's an open ending alkdsjfa OTL


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I HAVE 1-10 for 種生 but I'm only halfway through 7. COLLEGE IS MAKING IT HARD TO GET TIME TO READ. do you/have you read it :O?

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Have never seen or touched the actuals books no (do they even sell them overseas?), but I've read this yes |D But I forgot where I stopped aha EPIC STUFF WAS HAPPENING ETC

There are 22 books though so GOOD LUCK GOING THROUGH ALL OF THEM

I remember spending quite a long time on the artist's site going through all her sketches and notes though.

Can has work in a few hours am going to bed \o\

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23! and then two gaiden, so....25 overall... idk if I plan on finishing it, I am gonna read until I don't feel like it (BUT ATM I REALLY ENJOY IT...)

night <333

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Also when I was replying to you I briefly got its storyline mixed up with 特殊傳說 whoops.

Night~ ♥

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I AM STARTING THAT AFTER I FINISH MY TEN OF 種生。Well, that and 吾命騎士 cause I bought book one of those.
megido: (Sailor Moon: ha ha ha oh you.)

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SAILOR MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111

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manga and some of the artbooks =v=~~~

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ha ha your collection looked like mine did when i still had it all in one place

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s-so much PoT. xD