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srs questions of a real srs nature...

[ profile] nekokoban and I have great conversations.

IF I WAS A HOST, WHAT SORT OF HOST WOULD I BE? ...If you were a host, what would you be like?
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You'd have to be the host that whose appeal is that you're ~artsy~ and ~intelligent~ but secretly you're a dork on the inside. So only your closest regulars know the true you!!

I wouldn't be a host, I'd be the mascot.

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okay. what sort of mascot.
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[personal profile] nekokoban 2010-09-09 06:57 pm (UTC)(link)
Something like --^

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adorable *___*

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You'd be one of those super suave ones whom girls go KYAA KYAA over until you get off work and are totally dorky. :>

... I dunno about me, maybe one of those hosts who people love only because he fails a lot?! Either that or the "trips over self in order to help out others" type. :|a

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Seconding nekokoban!

I... would probably be the host who was always just a half step from being fired for being snarky and abrasive while veiling it with the utmost respect and attention to the customer's needs. I would have to have a rather particular clientel -- the ones who wouldn't catch it or the ones who would enjoy the reparte. ^_^;; Off the clock, the only thing that would change was the need to veil anything.

"You can say anything you want to as long as you say it respectfully and the customer can't discern the insult buried beneath the compliment."

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Thirding [ profile] nekokoban. With a pinch of tsundere. Because you are. Do not deny it.

I would be... The happy and perky type (age trappishness is subject to debate) with a black side.

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Everybody pretty much said what sounds right for you as a host OワOa not sure about myself. I'd be a host that acts cool, calm and patient as if nothing bothers me, I help the newcomers and I'm nice to strangers but then a host that's a friend of mine does something stupid and I snap at them. An M host to customers and S to other hosts? OワO;;a