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for the first time, I got hit on while I was out today.
see, the thing about me is...I don't usually get hit on. I rarely wear makeup and I usually wear a t-shirt and jeans; not particularly eye-catching! Also, what tends to happen is either I get catcalls from a distance (oh NYC) or I get a confession from a male friend (that I don't think of in a romantic way). So. This was...special.

THANK GOD MY FRIEND WAS THERE god. The dude was super OTL-inducing. grosssss gross gross D'8

So my friend and I went to GLORIA today, the butler cafe! And when it's just the two of us, we tend to dress up a bit cause it's fun. Today, since we had the same shirt (her's is white and mine is black), we decided to wear them and do a sort of...matching-opposites look. Which also meant I was in makeup and as my hair is in a v. awkward stage, I was wearing my Saike wig |Da It's a cute look! We also looked very couple-y. I THOUGHT, ANYWAY.

Anyway, we stopped by McD's to borrow the bathroom on the way home. As I didn't have to go, I settled at a table to read ZONE-00 while my friend was in the bathroom. A few pages in, I heard a "Ah, sorry... My friends and I were talking, and was wondering what you thought." ":?" "Which burger do you think is the tastiest?" "...Hah?" "The burgers here. Which do you like best?" "...The spicy chicken one." "Oh...I'm not a huge fan of it. Why do you like it?" "........I. just do." At this point I am like WHY ARE YOU TALKING TO ME GO AWAY. He then goes with "Are you Taiwanese?" And thankfully at this point, my friend comes back.

She had gotten hit on when coming out of the bathroom too, and told me later that when she looked over she could see the OTL expression on my face. In any case, she hooks a hand around my elbow and goes "hello dear~ let's go~" and the two of us grab our bags and leave, leaning in close and talking about WTF JUST HAPPENED. We thought it ended then, though.

Except it didn't!

Cause at the intersection, she slings her arm over my shoulder and says in an undertone, "Look behind us," and LOLOLOL both the guy who had hit on her and the one who had hit on me were there. "...they were together..." But we decided to pretend we didn't notice and ignore them. Except then they had the gall to go "Oh hey, we meet again!"

...And so, we gave them two very insincere smiles, linked hands, and walked off towards a taxi. very quickly. and went akjdfhsgkjhaskjewwwwww once we were inside.

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