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angry, bloody, wet.

so this morning it was BRIGHT and HOT and we took photos for less than an hour when everyone went "blaaaugh" and scrambled back inside for air con since neither of the cosplayers could really get into character and I was :/ing as photographer. ...two hours later, it's pouring rain and we're like 8D 8D 8D. h-hopefully none of us will end up sick.

Izaya @ [ profile] lyricnote
Shizuo @ [ profile] usagi_green_tea


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Oh man, blood and IzaShiz slash. I am in heaven! The Shizuo is AMAZING and sexy.

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There's slashier stuff in the full album. ( |Db

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Pie, you are the greatest photographer in the history of great photographers that Jermany has ever met (does that say much?). Haha, seriously...the reason I wanna learn how to use that camera is partly cuz I wanna shoot you too (cuz you've shot us so many times...) We have to show the world the cosplayer behind that camera!!!

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omigod they look so good.

holy crap that ( asd;lfkjas;lfkasjd i feel horribly a;lsdkjf for thinking that's about the sexiest thing ever i'm such a horrible adult T____T

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Holy crap they're amazing.

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Ah, those are greaaaaat :D
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You are an amazing photographer ♥

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Dude, is that a real black eye? If that's just make-up, it looks AMAZING. Amazing and painful.

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IT'S JUST MAKEUP ohoho thank you thank you~ I'm glad it looked real 8Db

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Amazing ♥
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These are really awesome. :3
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These look amazing, holy crap! *_*

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...two hours later, it's pouring rain and we're like 8D 8D 8D. h-hopefully none of us will end up sick.
sob yes, don't get sick guys. though uwaaaaaaah. PRETTY PHOTOS.