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Comic World Taiwan 25 (2010年8月7/8日)

for the first time, I actually cosplayed all four of the Taiwan con days I have in a year, due to only being able to make the summer FF and CWT cons. Unfortunately, it meant I didn't get much chance to shop. I was goinggg to shop the second day of CWT but...blood is sticky 8(a sob I am sad you can see where I accidentally...chopped off a bit too much off KAITO's bangs. aha...haha...ha...
In any case! this post is my photopost for the latter con, both days ♥.

four days, four characters.
four incredibly different looks
four incredibly different feels
also four different days of weather/lighting

Ashura @ [ profile] linalau
Ashura @ [ profile] piecrumbs


人柱アリス Human Sacrifice Alice
KAITO @ [ profile] piecrumbs

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