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Fancy Frontier 16 (2010年7月24日)

The results of Tsugaru and my two weeks of doing nothing but going AAAAH WE NEED TO FINISH THIS!! I-I was still fixing my wig the morning of con. But! we were recognized and people liked my mp3 and we had a lot of fun.

For those of you unaware! Saike is short for "Psychedelic Izaya" based off of Izaya's image on the Durarara!! background music CD. J-fandom (pixiv, mostly) created a whole new personality for him. Tsugaru is based on Shizuo's character single, and Jfen did the same thing. Saike is a moeblob, Tsugaru is pretty zen.

サイケ [ profile] piecrumbs
津軽 [ profile] lyricnote
臨也 [ profile] usagi_green_tea
静雄 [ profile] crumpetsncream


full album (including more photos of the others) here and here!

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