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polling the flist for great justice

if I was going to make a gown this summer, which one should I make!

OPTION A: MEIKO's Conchita

OPTION B: MIKU's black bride

OPTION C: something else you will show me an awesome video of

and no, ALL OF ABOVE is not an option 8|!!

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I'm partial to B.

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I admit, I adore Miku's hair so damn much in B, so yeah! B!
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I am inclined to say B because I think Miku's hair is gorgeousssssss in that video, but Conchita may be more suited for your style. :|a

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...PICK ONE @@

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.... I was distracted by the songs.

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The second one cause askjhdsa I love that composer-artist combo so much ;u; THEY DID SYNCHRONICITY! and the first one's by the composer that did the Aku No series and I love all of his stuff SO GOOD (*w* )~!!!

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I figured that was the one you were telling me about! And I can see the Aku No similarities in the Conchita music~~

....and I guess I like the Conchita dress best idk /o/

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I am going to be the odd one out and say Option A.

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I think B has a lot going for it, but I think that Conchita would pop better with you and stand out more as a cosplay.

So, A.

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Conchita does pop out more but I actually like the Miku one and I think that would suit you. Also the possibilities of pairing up with something in the future >uO I love the art for the second one, the story is so beautiful.

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well tbqh I want to do both Rin and Len from the second one too...

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I would totally be willing to do either Ren or Rin from the second one too... Mostly Ren but I kind of like Rin's outfit as well. Buuut I dunno. I think it's because I like the colors for Miku too. Like her hair and her dress. And it's a nice dress you could use it again.

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see, I don't want to do...either of the twins. I want to do both of the twins, which means it'd have to be photoshot. Also Len's outfit is probably the most difficult of the three XD

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Oh yeah, I didn't mean to do Ren and Rin together with you but more like if you were Miku I'd be willing to be one of them XD Maa it'd make more sense if you did both of them XD That'd be cool.

And wait why is Ren's the most difficult? Other than the shirt being frilly?

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I CAN GET INTO DETAILS WITH YOU ON SOME SORT OF IM THING @@ ...also it's Len not Ren orz left and right AT LEAST I AM P SURE THAT'S THE REASONING...other people on my flist would know better