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KAITO's earphone...!? with lots of artistic liberty taken.

I MADE SOMETHING :O I kind of want to remake it... It was my wiring project for class, refer to previous post re:project requirementst.

DAY ONE: I did most of the basic building. Went to Michael's and picked up my basic supplies: a sheet of cross-stich plastic, blue felt, two shades of blue wire (one thick, one thin), pompoms, metal-y thing jar.
The jar lid I found there that was about the size I wanted; cut the cross-stitch plastic sheet to be just a little bigger, and bent the thicker wire around my ear, looped it, then out to form the "mic" wire. I attached the loop to the plastic with tacky glue, then decided it was way too flimsy and used many thin strips of felt to secure it better. Then used one sheet of felt over all of that to make it neater and to make it more comfortable against my ear. The other side of the cross-stitch plastic, I covered with a sheet of ... an old receipt, actually, that was opaque enough that the words weren't visible. I was afraid that if I used the same felt I used for the other side, it would be too dark and wouldn't reflect enough light. I knew I'd have to hide the ugly edge somehow, so I took three strips of the thinner wire and braided them together. The mic head is a pompom I snipped at.

the side facing my head! this hasn't changed toooo much from when I first made it to the finished product.

trying it on (it stays~! \o/) and holding on what will be the cover to the earphone since it isn't attached yet.

braided wire. my fingers were hurting by the time I finished.

DAY TWO: rewired so much of what I had done during class, since there was a loose connection somewhere and I didn't know where so I had to take a lot of it apart. Also the loose connection areas literally broke apart. Still, got it to turn on most of the time and not...flicker...overly much. THERE IS SOME ELECTRICAL WIRING STUFF HERE and then I wrapped the lamp(bulb)-wire connections in electrical tape and hot-glued that part to the "front" of my earphone piece. Using acrylic paint, I painted all the black parts white so there wouldn't be a black blob when I turned the light on. I had left an opening when I made the earpiece for the wires to go through, so that was good.

The jar lid has a clear cover, so I cut to size and glued in pieces of gel (sheets of color for theatrical lighting). Lots and lots of gel, because it's so close to the light source that the gel would go too clear. I went...dark blue, light blue, dark, dark, dark, light, and then a sheet of tracing paper so it wouldn't go transparent when I turned the light on. I wrapped what was left of the thin wire around and around the jar lid to make it not so plain, and was lucky enough that it was almost the perfect length, using a wrecked brush I found to brush tacky glue over the edge and holding it place while it dried. The ends were super stubborn :/ I even tried soldering them down buuut that didn't work so well. The solder wouldn't hold onto the metal, for some reason, idk why. And the first piece of thick blue (to hide ugly bits) was just held in place with a blob of hot glue that I hid inside the cap. ...All of the seams were put up near the top, where the ear-wire is. Hopefully, my wig'll cover it. I had a hell of a time trying to get any of my other decorations to stay put with hot glue. Using tacky glue, I attached the cap to the earpiece and was like "fuck it, I'll see if I can get Krazy Glue tomorrow."

DAY THREE (aka an hour this morning): went to class, got Krazy Glue all over the lid and the wires and my fingers. I also got the final decoration pieces to go on, though the braiding on the surface refused to stay put with Krazy Glue no matter how I tried (hence all the mess over it ;o;) so I just used two small blobs of hot glue for it.



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A+++ That's awesome!

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there are things that could be better but I AM KIND OF PROUD OF IT .___.b
thank you~

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:o That is SO COOL

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I'd be happier with it if it was less messy XD
THANK YOU THOUGH I think it is rather cool too TuTbb

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You really can't see the mess in the photos.

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...they are crappy webcam photos. I'm vaguely tempted to take a better photo to show, but do I really want to expose the horror that they actually are........

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I bet I would still be awed :(

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(it* actually is*.....)

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ooooh coool

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that is why I had to go to Micheal's!