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obnoxious kyaaaa post






found Haruaki's blog and I HAVE REFERENCES. A design sketch! Final renderings! That have Kyte's back and front and a breakdown. And his bass. and full body. and obviously Gaku and Len too.

...these fabrics are going to be seriously impossible to find. oh god. but AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!

I am going to spend all summer sewing. and making props. and crying. BUT SETSUGETSUKA IS GOING TO HAPPEN akjdhsfkjh <333333333

edit (4:47 am) oops there goes my sleep schedule

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. . . o-oh hon. GO TO BED ilu

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ilu2 :3

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♥ socute

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you, shut up. are you anyway I HAVEN'T TALKED TO YOU IN FOREVER @@

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I AM GOOD <3 what is new

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noooot very much XD my life is not exactly fun and excitement

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my life is boring too! but it is a peaceful sort of boring. and anyway term is about to start awr

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how much time :O

also, idk if you saw my skype note. I need an address I can send something to you at :X

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In. A week bawwww

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. . . You're adorable.

[identity profile] 2010-02-03 10:50 pm (UTC)(link) is that adorable :|

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... >(

also your icon is from that manga/anime about a butler-cafe-thing but all middle-aged men right. I DON'T REMEMBER WHAT IT'S CALLED but one of my kouhai was talking about it iirc...

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....gosh he is so cute. claudio?

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INDEED. He is adorable and I love him.

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lluvia: Simon&Boota ‡ Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann ‡ Gainax (POMG)

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I only know 3 people who'd geek out over that kinda thing and you're one of them. ♥

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