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ME AND COSPLAY. with no photos of me, for once.

many many thanks to [ profile] darknightrain for listening to me babble |D

--- ON COSPLAYING: my opinions and some pictorial examples (from AX06) ---

I can be super critical or super lenient about cosplay, depending on what I'm doing XD
but a pet peeve for me, actually, is not completing a look. also, learn to pose. at least for the camera!

me: (pet peeve #2: wigs not on right)
Gojyo: when you can see the actual hair color underneath?
me: when it's kind of
perched on top
...sometimes it's an accident when you see real hair. or inevitable. and then you have the wigs that are sort of half-on...


I love little kids they are the best

aaalmost there (FLOATING KEYBLADES!!!)


If Hughes was real this would be him
the guy had a microphone, which you can see, and was standing in the middle of the hall going "my daughter is the cutest. she is the best. LOOK AT HER"
...and about ten minutes later, he opened his jacket to show that t-shirt and I was like "aslkjhdf ♥"

I have no clue HOW this dude did the wig, but...

--- I GOT BETTER AT TAKING PHOTOS: babble about an early shoot as photographer ---

going through these photos was like.
once upon a time I didn't know how to shoot cosplay :(
a year and a half later (or soish) and I was taking photos like...
which is still overexposed, BUT BETTER. there are some pretty perfect ones from that shoot I am too lazy to try to find one though :X

oh this one's nice
we uh
went to this. abandoned, half-built parking structure
up on the mountains XD
you can see the place better

and because it was half buiilt, you had to constantly be careful you don't...step off the edge and die
cause. you will notice there are no railings. and those stairs are at the edge of the building <--

we were seriously middle of nowhere
and... at the time, I didn't know the other photographer at all. or the girl who was cosplaying neon. and I was only passingly familiar with the Curapika as a cosplayer I highly admired in retrospect. nooot the best move I ever made.
BUT. WELL. I got nice photos?

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....oh my god that Hughes is so adorable.

Also, yeah, tiny Narutos tend to be awesome. THEY ARE SO INTO BEING NINJAS.

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I also saw a TINY SASUKE that day. ...and a pair who were Keroro and Kururu. and a tiny Sailor Moon and Chibi moon. and THE TINIEST Kon, who was basically a baby in a baby-jumpsuit+hood. It was adorable.