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Russia and Belarus~!

arranged a tiny casual-wear Russia and Belarus shoot with friends today! my usual camera went belly-up on me. bought a new CF card because I think I left my usual ones in the States, but my camera wouldn't read it at all, and it wouldn't read any of the other cards I tried when I went to an electronics store. Lucky for me, my dad's been talking about getting me a new camera for ages and ages so I got a shiiiiny new camera today kyaaa~! so nice and amazing and awesome and light ♥ am sad I didn't really use it to its full potential, but I hope that as I get to know it better, I'll do better things with it.

I've decided that if I ever cosplay Hetalia, it'd be either Hong Kong or Taiwan. too cute kyaaa~ or a specific non-canon version of Japan, in a China-Japan-Korea fanart I've seen that I love the design of.



"...?" "...kukuku >D"

together, we shall walk to New York and TAKE OVER AMERICA'S VITAL REGIONS!!!!?

poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke 8D

Ivan Braginski and the... the...
man idk @@

Poor Yun.

Prussia invaded my tempura tower!
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aren't they |D

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Man, cosplaying Hong Kong or Taiwan would be so fun.

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super moe >w<~~ 灣娘's one of the few girls I fell in love with almost immediately upon seeing her design and 小香's just aaaah adorable ♥

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Yeah, those costumes were REALLY well made.

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made? designed? which XD

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Designed too, yes. *CANNOT FIND THE WORDS!!!*

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XDDD nin socute
I've seen some really well done HK and TWN cosplay costumes but I've also seen notsogreat ones. It's like all costumes la /o/ well made looks good |Db

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Oooh, share?
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That is ADORABLE omg. ♥

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heee I THOUGHT SO I'm glad other people do as well~ thank you ♥
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Oh my god too much cuteness cannot cope.

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Aren't they adorable >w<~!
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I love all the photos from that time 8D