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pie ([personal profile] saccharin) wrote2010-01-09 12:08 am
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SUMMER PLANS version idk

two cons, four days! mostly with my usual cosplay partner! not in the order we're actually cosplaying, but as listed with me first...

#1 Kagari and Tsukiumi (Sekirei)
#2 Kaito and Kaiko, original outfits (VOCALOID)
#3 _____ and Nill (DOGS) and hopefully with another two or three other people
#4 Orden!Radu (Trinity Blood) and Sheryl, movie version (Macross Frontier)

I'm thinking either Heine, Giovanni, or Bishop...possibly Naoto, depending on whether or not we get the other two/three to join us. If it's just us two, I'm doing Haine or Naoto. Or, you know, Heine, if that's what you prefer. Since we have a confirmed Nill, and one of the possibles is a Badou. The other two aren't confirmed in who they'd cosplay, and I'm prety flexible, sooo yes. :3b

oh right, stuff about jury duty was sorted out \o/
and I'm having an incredibly hard time with my app /o\

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