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pie ([personal profile] saccharin) wrote2010-01-02 03:08 am
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first VOCALOID cosplay /o/

first post of 2010 is a cosplay one HOW APPROPRIATE XDDD

did a very slap-dash version of KAITO at Hong Kong's AGS last weekend, where I met up with [ profile] lina_lau (who was GORGEOUS as usual) and spent a lot of time carrying around her skirts XDDD Lina's photographer friend got some nice photos of me, though, which was super nice of him. s-sob the wig needs fixing and I'll admit that my makeup was half-assed but eh. Not bad for something pulled together in three days XD;;

I hate the difference between seeing something in photoshop and how it looks when uploaded. sob, I'm sorry if the photos are really blue or really high/low contrast.

I need to fix the problem of my face being significantly paler than the rest of me s-sigh must remember to put sunblock on places other than my face T^T;; IT MAKES ME LOOK WEIRD @@

in other news, Lina has mad photoshop skills:

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