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SURPRISE TRIP TO HK sunday and monday.
quick, I need ideas for who I can cosplay and won't freeze to death in that I can put together in. er. one day 8D;;

I wonder who I have in my closet. I'd do Kagari but the outfit still hasn't been re-sized yet :Xb
Seth... I'd freeze, possibly.
Rhode... the cross is at my friend's. who is in Japan.
Skull... the shirt is in the States.
tylHibari... I AM NOT HIM ENOUGH OTL!!
Chikusa... bah humbug not alone
Bonten... MAYBE since I am getting him back from Lina anyway /o/

...I can't remember who else is in my closet. If my suit is around I miiight do that version of Raikou from the Kairoushuu splash page!? man, idk. LINA CAN I RAID YOUR CLOSET >>;;;

in other news, losing a passport really is a pain in the ass. bah humbug.

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